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Water Filters Installed on Parts of Campus

From Downtown Devil Downtown student government promises to install water filters on drinking fountains throughout the campus have been fulfilled following months of delays, after initial plans were made in late 2010. The filters, designed to remove inorganic chemicals and chlorine content from drinking water, are located at the Mercado buildings, the second floor of the University Center and [...]

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Sterling Water Bottling Plant Awarded “Excellence in Manufacturing”

All too often, the most important contributors to a business’ success operate just out of view. The employees of the bottling plant of Sterling Water, Inc. d.b.a. Culligan of Central Wisconsin could empathize most days, but the recent recognition of“Excellence in Manufacturing” by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) puts a spotlight on the unsung crew. [...]

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Sparty Flexes For Big Ten Preview Tour

The Big Ten Preview Tour continued on its course and landed in East Lansing to take in the Michigan State Spartan’s practice. Go green! Go white! Think blue!

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U of Michigan Shows Off For Big Ten Preview Tour

Division 1 football players and Culligan Men and Women have a lot in common. They both have to be dedicated, motivated and well-trained. Some Wolverines put their skills on display for the Big Ten Preview Tour with drills that your local Culligan dealer should probably adopt.  

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What the Heck is Reverse Osmosis?

Recent reports bring up more questions than answers about drinking water, either from the tap or bottled. It is vital to take steps towards improving the water you drink, especially with the constant uncertainty of how clean our drinking water is. Installing a reverse osmosis system in your home, at your kitchen sink, is a convenient and logical solution to ensuring your clean water.

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Homework and Hydration

It’s that time. Kids wearily watch as the calendar boxes fill up and parents gleefully count down the days until school starts. A trip to the store fills carts with folders, pens, crayons and highlighters as Mom and Dad sashay down each aisle.

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o-h-I-O State Buckeyes and Big Ten Preview Tour Connect in Columbus

The Buckeyes took to the field as the Big Ten Preview Tour took to the stage to check in with Luke Fickell’s team.  Culligan kept the cast and crew moving.  

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BTN Visits Penn State

Linebacker U. gets some face time with Big Ten Preview Tour. Culligan came along for the ride.

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From Tap to Bottled Water

Take a second to watch this YouTube (via showing the complex process of turning municipal water into a packaged drink. Go behind the scenes and look at the steps involved in further purifying tap water before it gets bottled.

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“Hoosier” Pick This Big Ten Season?

New coach, new attitude, new bus and Culligan Water all converged on Bloomington. The Hoosiers were fired up to show off their progress to the Big Ten Preview Tour. Like a good right tackle, Culligan anchored the show.  

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