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Halloween Hydration

Zombies. Goblins. Ghouls, ghosts and monsters. October can be a fright-filled time of year, but one thing that shouldn’t scare you is your water. It’s important to remember to keep drinking water even after the hot, steamy summer months have left. Everyone knows about the recommended eight glasses a day, but that can be harder [...]

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Live in Indianapolis? Groupon Time!

Interested in getting this great deal? Simply go to Hey Culligan Man!

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Airing the Dirty Laundry

There are few pleasures on this earth that rival fresh laundry. Clean sheets alone can soothe the soul of any man, woman or child, and most of the world’s problems can be traced back to the lack of soft towels. While we may lament the actual process involved with doing a round of darks and [...]

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Flashback Friday

We’ve dubbed today Flashback Friday and in honor of this proclamation we’re bringing you some old-school Culligan culture. Everyone knows if you yell, “Hey Culligan Man!” your trusty Culligan dealer will show up in his or her delivery truck with the precious cargo (Culligan water of course) tucked safely inside. Was that always the case? Culligan has been [...]

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Respect the Inspect

A water softener is like any other appliance in the home. It needs some attention from time to time to ensure it’s running at peak performance. That’s why Culligan Men and Women around the country offer great deals and discounts on these types of inspections because water conditions and plumbing set-ups are unique to almost every [...]

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