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Did you know these 10 surprising facts about water?

Water is more fascinating than we give it credit for. Think about it. It makes up so much of our bodies and so much of our earth! In light of last week’s National Drinking Water Week, let’s talk water with these facts according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 1. We Have the Same Amount [...]

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Pump iron, don’t drink it.

Hard water is the most common water problem today, but excessive levels of iron are a close second. Is there a metallic taste to your drinking water? Does your water have an orange or yellow hue? What about your fixtures and clothing? Does your water leave reddish stains on them? Clean water doesn’t taste anything [...]

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Do you recognize these water problems?

We’re old pros, but some people may not recognize the water problems they have at home. Let us help you! Smelly or bad tasting water? Total dissolved solid, or TDS, like hydrogen sulphide, iron and other chemicals can lead to rotten-egg, fishy and chlorine odors in your water. Sound familiar? Remove them with Culligan whole house [...]

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Hard Water: Fact and Fiction

We know we’re right in the middle of Drinking Water Month, but it’s never a bad time to remind you, our Culligan friends, of the benefits of soft water. Most importantly, the traditional water softener. A recent article in MoneyTalksNews reminds us, yet again, of the benefits of soft water, and that hard water could be [...]

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Is your water tainting your organic produce?

We see you at the grocery store, perusing the organic food aisle. Making sure the fruits and veggies you delicately place into your cart are organically grown and free of pesticides. Maybe you drove to the local farmers market to pick and choose the berries and herbs and vegetables from your grocery list. But later [...]

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EPA Finds Lead in Chicago Drinking Water

Lead found in some Chicagoans’ drinking water questions current tap water testing procedures.

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Brew a Better Beverage

September 29th is National Coffee Day and in honor of this java-filled holiday we’re telling you how you can improve the taste of your beverage – and ultimately your whole day. Whether you drink one cup or six, coffee is a morning-essential for many people. Did you know that the quality of your water can [...]

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Consider the Source. The Water Source.

While the water source and quality is rarely the first thing that comes to mind, it is an important purchasing factor. Home inspectors generally check the water source and quality. But be proactive and ask the realtor or current homeowner about the water quality and source.

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Homeowner’s Guide to a Boil Advisory

The city issues a water boil advisory. Panic sets in. What do you do? With the help of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection we’ve created a guide: 1. Don’t panic – There are plenty of simple precautions. 2. Purge – Rid your kitchen of any ice, juice, stored water or uncooked food that may have been [...]

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Bottled Water Beliefs

A poll of 632 parents visiting an emergency room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently made headlines when results found, “black and Hispanic children were three times as likely to drink only bottled water at home compared to their white peers.” The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine study found the disparity between races stems from minorities’ [...]

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