The Power of a Positive Review

Most people are inclined to write a review when they’re disappointed. Anger and frustration are usually enough to fuel a response to a service or product or company. Negative reviews certainly aren’t hard to find.

But what if more positive reviews were written? What if prompt service, enjoyable experiences, or great companies were given simple accolades when deserved?

Reviews are beneficial — both positive and negative. They provide the feedback necessary to strengthen weaknesses and maintain hard work. We take ours to heart. If someone had a poor experience with Culligan, we aim to better the situation. But many hard-working Culligan men and women don’t hear the appreciation we know our customers feel.

So next time you see your Culligan representative, give him or her a “thanks!” Head over to our Facebook page and share. There are many sources online to leave your positive review of a company. Want to personally thank your Culligan Man? Send it to us. We’ll be sure it gets into the right hands.

Spread the cheer this holiday season. A little will go a long way.

Got questions? Contact us. Want to know more? 

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