Softener Salt vs. Sidewalk Salt

There has been a lot of talk on Twitter this winter about salt. Yes, salt. I mean, it’s winter so it makes sense…

  • When the roads are icy? Use salt.
  • When the sidewalks are slippery? Use salt.
  • When the car needs more weight in the back to avoid spinning out? Put salt bags in the trunk.
  • When food is bland? Add salt.
  • When the water softener is out of salt? Call the Culligan Man to fill it with salt.

Salt is salt, right? Wrong! There is a big difference in both price and quality of sidewalk salt and water softener salt. Sidewalk salt has only one job – to melt ice. Water softener salt is much more refined. Water softener salt comes in a variety of grades and is used specifically for water softeners. It is either rock salt, which is cleansed and bagged, or processed salt tablets or solar salt.

Lesson: Do not use water softener salt to melt ice (and definitely do not add it to your popcorn).

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