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Culligan: Better Water, Happier Laundry

Culligan: Better Water, Happier Laundry

Pop quiz!

What are the benefits of remaining properly hydrated?

(Hint: Improved mood, memory and motor skills, for one. Not to mention less headaches and a glowing complexion.)

Better water, better laundry

That was easy! But do you know the other benefits of water? Clean, refreshing, soft water from Culligan, in particular? Better laundry.

You read that right: better laundry. Culligan’s state-of-the-art water softeners can impact your everyday life, all the way down the the clothes you wear. Clothes last longer, stay softer and remain brighter with soft water – hard water leaves mineral particles in the weave of most fabrics causing them to look dull and dingy.

You can also use less detergent with soft water, saving you time and money!

There you have it. Now go forth and make your laundry happy.

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