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Dr. Oz and Reverse Osmosis

Dr. Oz and Reverse Osmosis

A few weeks ago on his talk show Dr. Oz did a series on the safeness of your tap water. He and other experts discussed the possibility of contaminants in drinking water, whether from wells or municipalities, and the potentially harmful effects they could have on you and your family. The head of the EPA even stressed the importance of having a reverse-osmosis (RO) or other type of filter in the home. Dr. Oz also told viewers the only way to know for sure about the quality of your drinking water is to have it tested – and he is right.

That’s where Culligan comes in. Your local Culligan Man can test your water for impurities and recommend the right solution for your needs. Culligan has a variety of systems, from softeners to ROs that will fit your household. A Culligan RO system removes the impurities in your water thus giving you safer, better tasting drinking water.

Dr. Oz also referenced Consumer Reports’ “GreenerChoices Products for a Better Planet” list. The Culligan Aqua-Cleer is recommended as one of the top reverse-osmosis systems in the Consumer Reports February 2012 issue. While this model is more expensive than the bargain buys, Culligan has the experts to back up their products. You local Culligan Man may also have special offers to help you with the rent or purchase of a Culligan system. Visit your local Culligan dealer’s website for more information or connect with us on Facebook.

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