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Happy weekend, drink up!

Happy weekend, drink up!

It’s the end of another week, Culligan friends. Drinking Water Month is more than half over! Time flies when you’re well hydrated. How is the Drinking Water Challenge coming along? We hope you’re successful in your water-drinking endeavors!

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here at H2pointO headquarters, and we thought we’d leave you with this easy-breezy blast from the past to keep drinking water top of mind. Check out this post from last summer for tips on packing along plenty of water for your weekend getaways. Hopefully some of you are actually getting away for the weekend!

  • Contact your local Culligan Man or Woman to have him or her deliver a 5-gallon bottle of water.  Add a small pump to your 5-gallon bottle for easy dispensing around the campfire for a weekend’s worth of fresh, filtered water. Perfect for coffee, drink mixes and good old fashioned ice water.
  • 5-gallon too heavy? Stop by your local Culligan dealership to pick up a case of Culligan on-the-go-bottled water. Take this top-quality drinking water anywhere. You can’t beat this convenience. Remember to recycle!

Happy weekend! And don’t forget to call your Culligan Man, if you get too thirsty.



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