10 Ways to Conserve Water At Home

10 Ways to Conserve Water At Home

Water is a precious resource, and we’re not just saying that because it happens to be our favorite of the elements.

About 71 percent of the earth is water-covered, but of all that water, only 3 percent of it is freshwater, according to the United States Geological Society. And did you know much of that is locked up in ice and glaciers?

Despite those numbers, it’s easy to take advantage of the water most of us have access to, right? Those long, hot showers after a hard workout. Running the sprinkler in the summer to water the lawn. Keeping the faucet running while trying to wrangle the kids and their toothbrushes at bedtime.

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us don’t regularly think of ways to conserve water at home.

Lucky for you, we’re going to make it easy with a handy list. Share it, print it, hang it on the refrigerator. But most importantly, start conserving water!

Try some of these tips to conserve gallons of water each month:

1. Rather than running water and scraping food from pots and pans, soak them.

2. Rinse fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water and reuse that water to water your plants.

3. Time your showers. Try 5 minutes instead of 10.

4. While washing your hair in the shower, turn off the water until it’s time to rinse.

5. Brushing your teeth? Turn off the faucet until it’s time to rinse.

6. Low-flow shower heads — install them!

7. The Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener is the world’s most efficient. Conserve water and energy!

8. If you’re a fan of baths, try filling the tub halfway, rather than filling the entire tub.

9. Guys, if you’re shaving, plug the sink instead of running the water.

10. While watering the lawn, assure your sprinkler system is effectively watering just your lawn — not the driveway, sidewalk, or your house.

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