Airing the Dirty Laundry

Airing the Dirty Laundry

There are few pleasures on this earth that rival fresh laundry. Clean sheets alone can soothe the soul of any man, woman or child, and most of the world’s problems can be traced back to the lack of soft towels.

While we may lament the actual process involved with doing a round of darks and whites, delicates and “hand dry onlies,” the product is worth the toil, worth the hanging and the folding.

But water quality can turn this dream into a nightmare in one spin cycle. A study by the Water Quality Association delved deep into the relationship between hard water and laundry.

First off, the research showed that stain removal performance increases dramatically when water hardness is removed – in some cases a 100% improvement.  What’s more, homes using soft water need 50% less detergent to achieve that level of cleanliness.

Anyone who does laundry regularly (and we sincerely hope that is most of you) also knows how important water temperature is when doing a load. Tests run in the Softened Water Benefits Study showed “washing can be carried out in 60 degree (F) cold water instead of 100 degree (F) hot water and achieve the same or better stain removal.” So, a beautiful byproduct will mean extra energy savings without sacrificing clean socks.

Whatever day your laundry day lands on, take today to test your water.