Arsenic: Keep it Out

Arsenic: Keep it Out

Fun fact! Over 15 million households in the United States rely on well water. That’s a lot of households.

But did you know that the EPA does NOT regulate private wells serving less than 25 people? That means you’re on your own when it comes to regular water testing. For these small, private wells, there is no governmental body regulating potential contaminants that could find their way into your well water. Arsenic is one such contaminant — most commonly found when well water is the source — and it’s not something you want in your water.

arsenic_periodicArsenic is an odorless, tasteless semimetal element. It can find its way into your well through agricultural and industrial runoff, or by natural deposits in the earth. Long term exposure can cause skin damage, circulatory system problems, and an increased risk of cancer.

No thank you.

Arsenic may not be in your water. In fact, let’s hope it’s not. But if you have concerns, or simply want peace of mind, contact your local Culligan Man for a water test. We’ll help find the best solution for your water woes.