Hydrating the World Champions, and Why Athletes Need Water

Hydrating the World Champions, and Why Athletes Need Water


Culligan is proud to celebrate (along with everyone else) the Blackhawks 2-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning! We’ve been an official sponsor of the Blackhawks for years now, bringing fresh, filtered water to every packed Blackhawks game. And while we think it’s a natural partnership between two historical brands, what makes it a true union is how Culligan water has always been important for athlete health.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual athlete or, like our world champion friends the Blackhawks, at the top of your game. It’s important to hydrate before, after, and during exercise. Not only is water good for your moving parts like your joint health, but it also regulates your body temperature, keeping you going harder for longer. When you exercise without water, it puts you at risk for a host of nasty illnesses including dehydration, heat illness, and hyponatremia.

The slightest difference in hydration can compromise athletic performance. Athletes should always be proactive about their water intake. Not waiting till you’re thirsty is the best thing you can do to keep your body going, and the best thing you can hydrate with is water. That’s why athletes choose Culligan — fresh, great-tasting, game-winning water.


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