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Why Miss Alexia Uses a Water Softener
Miss Alexia's secret beauty weapon? A water softener! A Culligan Water Softener keeps her shower water free of deposits that end up on her hair and skin and her drinking water tasting fresh. All sparkle and no deposits on her dishes makes Miss Alexia a ve
10 Things You Never Knew A Water Softener Could Do
1. Water softeners can extend the life of your appliances 2. They can make your towels soft without fabric softener 3. They can help you reduce the time you spend cleaning 4. Your water softener can help you save money on cleaning supplies 5. Water soften
Are you drinking enough water?
As the resident water expert, I'd be remiss if I didn't check in to make sure all of you were keeping hydrated now that summer is in full swing. Hopefully it hasn't been too hot where you are, but either way - hot or not - it
Does your water softener need an upgrade?
Is your water softener outdated and inefficient? Is it costing you more money than necessary? When is the last time you had your water softener inspected? Now is as good a time as any. Your water softener should be inspected once a year to assure it's run
What is soft water?
We can rattle of several reasons why you should have a water softener. Soft water provides so many benefits! Cleaner sinks and faucets, softer, brighter laundry, smoother skin... to name a few! But what is soft water? It's a valid question. We c