“Don’t all water softeners do the same thing?”

“Don’t all water softeners do the same thing?”

gold-softener-culligansiteAh, yes. We’ve heard that before. Maybe you’ve asked it:

“Why isn’t it good enough just to buy the least expensive water softener? Don’t all water softeners do the same thing?”

There is a difference. And here’s why:

Many competitors price out pieces of a complete installation and promote the price of only a portion of the total cost. If you’re thinking about purchasing your equipment in a “discount store,” please take the time to find out if there are additional costs for installation and maintenance. There may be additional charges for water testing, plumbing materials, labor to install the equipment, and salt. There may also be additional charges when it’s time for service and maintenance. Find out how often this is required, cost of service calls and how soon you’ll be able to get service. Culligan will price out the entire cost of equipment and installation.

Prices may vary due to quality. The water treatment business requires top quality components in the manufacturing of products. Cheaper equipment is only possible if someone cuts corners. It’s important to have quality components because poorly functioning equipment wastes water, a precious resource. Cheaper equipment can also cost more in the long run because of extensive repairs and lost benefits due to equipment downtime. Water appliances are the hardest working appliances in your home, shouldn’t they be the best quality? You can avoid all the perceived advantages of low cost equipment by buying a properly priced Culligan system.

In the end, your water softening purchase is up to you. If you choose Culligan quality and Culligan reliability, you know where to find us