Don’t forget the water in your back-to-school plans

Don’t forget the water in your back-to-school plans

My, how time flies! Seems like just yesterday kids were getting out of school for the summer and college students were vacating the dorms for a few months away from college. Yet here we are, another school year on our doorsteps. (Don’t tell that to your children).

I’m sure the school supplies list includes the usual: pens, pencils, notebooks, folders. But what about water? Specifically, Culligan water. Our On-The-Go Bottles are perfect for your child’s lunches. Or send a pack up with your college student to keep in their dorm room refrigerator. Top-quality drinking on the go? Sign us up! They’re available in a variety of sizes, preventing water and plastic waste.

If you’re a teacher, one thing you might consider is asking the school to provide a Bottled Water Cooler or one of our Bottle-Free Coolers in the classroom or cafeteria.

We all know by now that keeping ourselves (and our children) helps keep us alert and focused, so make sure to give ’em the best!

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