Don’t waste that precious soft water.

Don’t waste that precious soft water.

June is half over, if you can believe it. Grass is green, flowers are blooming, trees are full. Unless, of course, you live near H2pointO headquarters, where we’re severely lacking in some good rainfall to keep things a’bloom.

Around here the sprinklers are out, watering lawns the way rain used to. Neighbors stand outside with hoses, trying to bring life back to their gardens.

But the question plaguing many minds is this: Will soft water affect my lawn or garden?

Here’s the thing — soft water benefits us in a number of ways. Shinier hair, cleaner tubs and sinks, better taste. But our lawns and gardens don’t like it so much. Here’s why, according to our very own

For outside use on lawns or gardens, using softened water is wasteful. Where the concentration of hardness minerals is high, the sodium content after softening may be high enough to slow plant growth and harm grass. This is especially true in climates where rainfall is scarce. Areas that receive regular rain are not as sensitive to sodium accumulation because the rain “rinses” the earth.

So you may as well keep the good stuff to yourself. Ask your Culligan Man about a water softener bypass for lawn and garden faucets, and a faucet for unsoftened water. Then go ahead, sit back and continue watching that garden grow!