Clever Tricks to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

While water is critical, kids aren't always a fan. Use these 3 easy tricks to get your kids to drink more water.


Having trouble getting the kids to drink enough water? Here are 3 easy tricks to get your kids to drink more water:

Guessing Game

Toss watermelon, orange, strawberry, or cucumber slices into your kids' water and ask them to guess the flavor. It's easy, less sugary than juice and will increase their H20 intake. As an added bonus, encourage your kids to eat the fruit or vegetable inside their cup.

Chart It

Make water a sticky subject by making a simple weekly chart. Ask your kids to add their favorite sticker every time they drink a glass. At the end of seven days, the kids can tally their totals. Reward them with a prize every month, like a reusable water bottle or fun cup.

Silly Straws

Water may be the healthiest way to quench your thirst, but kids may not think it's as fun as other drinks. Change their perceptions by adding a fun straw. It's easy to find all kinds of different designs online and for an affordable price. Keep their straws fresh and they'll stay refreshed!
Do you have other tricks you use to get your kids to drink more water? Please share!