Hard Water Makes it Harder on Cloth Diapers

Hard Water Makes it Harder on Cloth Diapers

It may be a little known fact, but cloth diapers were actually the catalyst to the development of the water softener.


Because hard water makes cloth diaper care — you guessed it — hard. Expectant father Emmett Culligan learned this in the boiler room of a hospital all the way back in 1921 as he awaited the birth of his first daughter.

If you’re a proponent of cloth diapering, it’s important to understand the challenges presented by hard water. It makes for a problematic wash routine, according to DiaperShops.com, which leaves you with another problem — smell.


Photo courtesy of DiaperShops.com

According to one knowledgeable mom on the Diaper Shops blog:

“Having hard water can lead to soaps and detergents not working well and leaving mineral buildup on clothing and cloth diapers. Your dishes will look dull from the residue left on them and your laundry will fade much quicker from the buildup.  You may also notice that your shampoo and soaps don’t lather like they should. The minerals from your water may block your detergent or soap from working.”

Installing a Culligan water softener is going to get to the root of your stinky problem, and help make cloth diapering more manageable.


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