How to Treat Common Water Problems in Your Home

How to Treat Common Water Problems in Your Home

Knowing how to treat common water problems is extremely important. Water softeners, filtration systems and acid neutralization are all effective solutions available to homeowners plagued by these issues.


Depending on your location and water source, the quality of your home’s water can vary greatly. It’s important to stay up to date on any possible issues. In fact, knowing the risks will help you learn how to treat common water problems.

The most common water issues include hard water, rust stains, bad-smelling or bad-tasting tap water and acid corrosion. Your local Culligan dealership has the expertise needed to provide  the best solutions for these various problems. Let’s learn more.

Common Water Problem: Hard Water

Hard water may not be a hazard to your health. But it can still be very harmful to your home. Ordinarily if this common water issue is present, you may be familiar with the following indicators.

These include films and stains on fixtures and appliances, dull hair, irritated skin, spotted dishware and an increase in the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning.

Solution: Water Softener

The best way to treat hard water is with a water softener. And Culligan offers many home water softening systems. Like the efficient and intelligent Culligan HE 1.25 Series for example.

But regardless of the hard water problem or amount of water used in your home, Culligan has the perfect solution for your lifestyle.


  • Get rid of soapy buildup on glasses, fixtures, dishes, clothes, skin and hair.
  • Eliminate scale buildup and increase lifespan of plumbing and appliances.
  • In short, use less soap and detergent.
  • Improve appearance and feel of hair and skin.
  • Leave clothes feeling softer and fluffier.

Common Water Problem: Rust Stains & Iron in Water

Rust colored streaks in bathtubs and sinks or orange stains on freshly washed clothing are both signs that your household water contains high amounts of iron.

Water with high iron content is not only annoying, but it can also damage any of the surfaces or appliances it touches. This large list includes sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters.

Solution: Whole Home Water Filtration System

There are many ways to treat water high in iron content. In fact, Culligan has eight different whole home water filter systems to choose from.


  • Protect against the buildup of iron in plumbing.
  • Stop the appearance of rust stains on laundry, appliances and fixtures.
  • Remove bitter, metallic smell and taste associated with iron.
  • Provide clearer, better tasting water for your home and family.
  • Keep water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines running more efficiently.

Common Water Problem: Tap Water Tastes Bad

For the most part smelly or bad-tasting water could result from a number of possible water problems. Like high levels of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron or dissolved solids.

In either case smelly or bad-tasting water could result from a number of different water problems, so it’s important to get your water tested. Then you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem. Call your local dealership for a free water test. And after your water test, consider the following solutions.

Solution: Water Filtration & Conditioning

In short, there are several filtration and conditioning solutions to address the issues of bad-smelling or bad-tasting tap water.

A Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System from Culligan can provide better-tasting water. And the Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filter System has 13 advanced filter options to solve varying water issues.

Additionally, the ClearLink PROTM Home Drinking Water Wireless Accessory works with your current faucet. Not to mention avoiding the need to to drill a hole through your countertop, saving you money on plumbing or construction costs.


  • Active carbon filters remove the smell and taste of chlorine.
  • Oxidation destroys oily tastes and gas smells.
  • Carbon filtration gets rid of the rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Sediment filtration reduces musty smell, moldy taste and cloudy appearance.
  • Activated carbon filtration reduces the iron content in your water supply, removing the bitter metallic taste and rusty color.

Common Water Problem: Acid Corrosion & Acid Stains

Cloudy, hazy and discolored water may leave behind blue-green stains in sinks or bathtubs. Overall this is a sign of acid corrosion and acid stains. In addition to stains in sinks or bathtubs, there could be corrosion of the copper or brass pipes within your home plumbing and porcelain fixtures.

Solution: Acid Neutralization

The most complete water softening and filtration system for your home and family is the High Efficiency Whole House Water Filter. The Medallist Series® Home Water Softener reduces contaminants in your home’s water supply with great efficiency and affordability. Comparatively the Culligan Gold Series Whole House Filter provides four layers of filtration to prevent corrosion of your pipes and heaters.


  • Stop corrosive acid from leaving pinhole leaks in your plumbing.
  • Get rid of the blue-green stains found in sinks, bathtubs, toilets, fixtures and pipes.
  • Prevent copper and lead from seeping into your drinking water.
  • Keep laundry clean from residue and stains.
  • Protect copper pipes and plumbing.

Didn’t see your water problems listed above? For more information on common water contaminants, visit our Water Contaminants 101 blog.


In conclusion, whatever common water problems your home is experiencing, your local water experts are always happy to help. In addition, everything drinks water, from your appliances, to your pets, to your plants. Why not give your home and family better tasting, cleaner water?

Get started with a free water test from your local Culligan Man.