Iron: a Motley Crew of Contaminants

Iron: a Motley Crew of Contaminants

FEBy now we know we don’t want iron in our water. It tastes bad, it stains our appliances and our clothes. It’s definitely not something we want hanging around our water supply. But did you know there are multiple kinds of iron? In fact, your filtration solution will depend on just what kind of iron is in your water.

Take some time to familiarize yourself. You never know when this information might be helpful on Jeopardy!:

Ferrous iron is the most common form of iron, found in private well water supplies.

Particulate iron comes in two forms: filterable and colloidal. And as you may have guessed, filterable iron can be easily filtered out of water. But colloidal needs just the right micron rating on the filter in order to be removed. It’s a little more high maintenance.

Organic bound iron attaches itself to organic compounds in your water, and isn’t so easily removed by particulate filtration.

Iron bacteria is actually considered a microorganism rather than a type of iron, and it’s pretty unseemly. Smelly, bad tasting water could be the victim of iron bacteria. If you’re finding slimy growths and reddish-brown stains in fixtures, chances are it’s the same problem.

Lucky for you, the Culligan Man has solutions for your filtration needs — regardless of which type of iron may haunt your water. Just find the local Culligan Man in your area, and let him do the work!