Iron in my water? No thank you.

Iron in my water? No thank you.

A lot of people like to pump iron. Doesn’t hurt to head to the gym and pump some iron once in a while, right?. But what about your water? Is the water in your home pumping iron, too?

Hopefully not.

Hard water is the most common water problem today, but excessive levels of iron are a close second. If there’s a metallic taste to your drinking water, iron may be the culprit. Does your water have an orange or yellow hue? What about your fixtures and clothing? Does your water leave reddish stains on them? Iron, iron, iron.


Clean water doesn’t taste anything but refreshing. Clean water comes in one color — clear. And clean water doesn’t stain anything.

Dissolved iron in your water can leave those pesky red or brown deposits on everything, and nobody wants that. Thankfully your Culligan Man can help. Iron problems exist in a few forms, which may require different water treatment for its removal. Give us a call. We can recommend the right Culligan system for your household’s iron removal needs.

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