Is hard water your hard reality?

Is hard water your hard reality?

Hard water got you down?

Here’s a bit of a mind-boggling fact, H2point0 fans:

Slightly hard water, as defined by the U.S. Department of the Interior, is water that has 1 to 3.5 grains per gallon of calcium and magnesium in it. In some places, like Arizona, for example, hardness levels sometimes exceed 20 grains per gallon.

That’s some hard water!

An article in The Arizona Republic pointed this information out to us earlier in the week, but do you know what the No. 1 listed treatment method was for the problem water? You guessed it — a water softener. That hard water is leaving scale buildup in your plumbing and appliances, and shortening the life of your dish washers and water heaters. The solutions suggested in the article are water softening and water purification. And, what do you know? Your Culligan Man can help with both!

The article pointed out some good tips to keep in mind when choosing your water solution:

  • Watch out for companies that try to scare you about the quality and safety of your municipal drinking water.
  • Look for treatment systems certified by the Water Quality Association, a non-profit trade association that represents the water-treatment industry, or NSF International, another non-profit based in Michigan that sets standards for products, including drinking-water systems, plumbing and water-treatment equipment.
  • Find out whether you can rent your system or if you have to purchase it outright.

Check out the Water Quality Association for yourself. You’ll find loads of great information about your water. We’re happy to report our Culligan products have received their Gold Star Certification.

You know what to do and who to call! [cue chorus of “Hey Culligan Man!”]