Magnetic Water Conditioners Attract Misconceptions

Magnetic Water Conditioners Attract Misconceptions

This post was originally shared in July of 2010. As energy efficiency becomes more top of mind, we wanted to share this research again on the false promises of “salt-less” softeners.

Lately, some areas of North America have been barraged by claims of a ‘salt-free’ water softeners and conditioners. Buying airtime by the the bulk, these companies put some major marketing muscle behind their product. Needless to say, more than a few consumers ran to these dealers with the hopes of soft water without the salt.

Sales pitches touted magnets, and homeowners opened their wallets and turned off their softeners.  But after a few weeks, one by one, a majority of these new converts began to long for their old softener – all because they did not get the facts.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

There is a reason why most of these products refer to themselves as a “water softener alternative.” Simply put, they don’t soften water. Water softening is an ionic process.

34 separate report papers indicate that physical water treatment does not work in a consistent and predictable way. Title: WQA Magnetics Task Force

2 .   A descaler is not a water softener.

Many of these products find a way into your home by promising to reduce calcium and magnesium deposits in your pipes.

Army Corp of Engineers tested two magnetic (Descal-A-Matic and Aqua Magnetic) and one electronic device (Ener Tec) in 2001. The findings do not support the claims of the manufacturers regarding the ability of their respective devices prevent mineral scale formation in hot potable water systems. Title: Demonstration and Evaluation of Magnetic Descalers

3.   If there is no science, there are no results.

The Nittany Lions weren’t fooled.

Penn State University states there is virtually no valid scientific data to support any water treatment benefit from magnetic devices. Companies use testimonials from “hundreds of satisfied customers” to support their claims Title: Magnetic Water Treatment Devices

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