Moving Means More Than U-Hauls

Moving Means More Than U-Hauls

Next to the Apocalypse, moving day may be the most dreaded day in the human calendar. Limitless logistics clog our brains, and make us irritable and downright irrational. But slowly, a once-empty space begins to fill up with heavy heirlooms and clothes while boxes marked ‘fragile’ are placed upside down and sideways.

Finally, the entertainment center has been installed despite the Dutch instructions, and the glassware has found itself in the right cabinet near the sink. A long day deserves a long shower. Immediately after the shower, you realize you feel, well, gunky. Your hair is dry and does not comb thoroughly, and your skin is akin to dried out leather.

Water is water, right? Why does your new abode’s H2O feel so different?

I hate to break it to you, but you probably had a water softener at your previous location. Say hello to your new roommate: his name is hard water, and he does not plan on paying rent.

Hard water is full of calcium and magnesium, and actually reacts adversely with soap – hence the dryness. Hardness is measured in grains per gallon (gpg) and homes with more than 3 gpg are strongly encouraged to invest in a water softener.

All too often new homeowners become so distracted with granite countertops and hardwood floors, they forget to ask about the water. Unfortunately, bad water affects everything from your body to your pipes to your appliances. You may have noticed your scratchy towel offers no safe haven because the hard water has infiltrated your washing machine.

Consider your linen closet under attack. I can also hear your showerhead scaling up from here.

The summertime is often the most popular time to move, and scenes like this will play out a thousand times over. So be smart, and ask about your water before you make the move.