Why You Should Choose a Reverse Osmosis Filter Over Your Refrigerator Filter

The kind of water filter you use at home can say a lot about your family's health. And choosing an RO over your fridge filter can make a world of difference.

Have you always relied on your refrigerator to get filtered water? Perhaps it's the easiest option. But does it cover all the bases when it comes to health, convenience and savings? With all the different choices out there, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system checks all of these boxes. So, here's why you should choose a Reverse Osmosis filter over your refrigerator filter:
1. RO eliminates maximum contaminants:
Your water may appear clean but may not really be so. Many dissolved contaminants or Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) are hard to see, smell or taste. There could also be various toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, sulfur, mercury and chromium 6 in your water. Or a number of bacteria and microscopic spores that are invisible to the eye.
And all of these could cause serious harm to your health.
Keeping in line with the EPA's standards for acceptable TDS limits, your local water processing plant may remove some of these impurities before it reaches your home. But there could still be trace amounts of pharmaceutical chemicals and chlorine in your water that your refrigerator filter may not be able to remove.
However, an RO can efficiently remove those contaminants that other filters may miss.
2. RO relies on an advanced filtration technique:
The impurities in your water have a certain size, measured in microns. Most household filters may not be able to remove contaminants of a certain size.
An RO relies on the Reverse Osmosis technique to separate impurities that have a micron size larger than that of a water molecule, through a filter membrane.
That way, all you get is pure, fresh water in the end. Together with a UV filter, a number of parasites and viruses can also be removed to a great extent.
3. RO units require minimum maintenance:
Ideally, you would have to change your refrigerator filter every six months or so. If your water starts to smell and taste funny, maybe even more often. And a lot depends on the indicator light in your fridge. If it's missing or malfunctioning, you might not know when to get your filter replaced.
Moreover, the efficiency of refrigerator filters gets reduced over time. As a result, they may need more frequent maintenance.
And all of this could cost you a good bit of money that you could save with a good RO system.
4. RO filters are consistent and reliable
Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, impurities can get into your water at any time. Your filter may be perfectly fine, but sometimes the water dispenser in your fridge could get contaminated by bacteria such as E. coli and certain kinds of yeasts and molds from the food inside.
Also, the level of contamination could differ from time to time. If you're concerned about your water quality, you should get it tested immediately. And continue to do so at regular intervals to be sure your water remains safe to drink.
An RO unit takes care of your filtration needs consistently, for a good number of years. And all this without compromising on the taste and quality of your water.
Sure, there are a range of filters available in the market, serving various purposes. But it's always better to get one that takes care of your specific household needs.
Culligan's EPA-certified RO filters reduces even those contaminants that other filters miss, offering you only fresh, great tasting water. Watch this video to learn more about Culligan's RO filters.