Sidewalk or Softener?

Sidewalk or Softener?

Yesterday we took a little poll on Facebook to test how much Culligan fans really know about water softening. After reading your answers we couldn’t be more proud.

The Question: True or False? It is ok to use sidewalk salt in your water softener.

The Answers:

These are some of our favorites, but every fan answered correctly! Sidewalk salt and softener salt are very different. Sidewalk salt has a variety of other elements in it that can clog and damage your water softener.

Using standard sidewalk salt will likely result in a service call and while we know you love seeing your Culligan Man, we’d rather it be for good reasons instead of problems. Instead, call your Culligan Man for salt delivery. Softener salt is free of impurities and many local Culligan dealers can have pure softener salt delivered right to your door. This winter keep your salts straight and your softener, and your sidewalk, will be happy.


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