The Great Water Bottle Debate

The Great Water Bottle Debate

BPA Free? Aluminum? Stainless steel? Plastic? One trip down the sporting goods aisle will overwhelm you with water bottle options. We’ll try and break down what we know so you can find the best bottle.


Plastic bottles (like the ones from vending machines or at concession stands) are an okay option but they are made to be used once and recycled. Bacteria builds up quickly and according to the plastic can begin to break down at 75°F. Think about your car in the summer, inside temps can easily surpass 75°F! Plus, even if you recycle, there are greener options.


For an environmentally friendly approach, try reusable BPA Free plastic bottles. These bottles can be washed, reused and don’t contain the often talked about BPA. Good Housekeeping has three top picks. There’s every shape and color imaginable, so you can find one that fits on your bike, in your car and never have to worry if it coordinates with your outfit.


The best water bottles are made from aluminum and stainless steel because there’s no risk of either material breaking down. They are more expensive but very durable. Check out these top-rated drinking vessels. They even make insulated bottles in case you decide to put something other than water inside, but make sure you wash it well after!

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