The New Fountain of Youth: Your Faucet

The New Fountain of Youth: Your Faucet

One of the most phenomenal beauty treatments is available to everyone; it’s painless, has positive side affects and an unlimited supply.

It’s water.

Drinking water, according to health and beauty experts, leads to a glowing complexion, clear eyes and the minimization of under-eye circles. If seeking a more youthful appearance, begin by examining your water intake before almost any other step. Opt for a glass of water from a Culligan water cooler or reverse osmosis filter, rather than coffee, soda, juice or even tea. At the end of the day, the simple “eight-glasses-of-water-a-day” rule is an inexpensive way to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Showering with unsoftened water is shown to cause damage and excessive dryness to your hair and skin. Local Culligan dealers say it isn’t the actual shower water that gives you that dry feeling after you bathe, but rather chemicals, such as chlorine, found in almost all unfiltered water sources. When showering with soft water, you can literally see and feel the difference.

According to health experts, the old saying, “beauty is only skin deep” doesn’t cover the whole story. Drinking water is as important for your internal health as it is for your external aesthetic. The water you drink carries nutrients to your cells, eliminates toxins and helps to remove waste from your body.

Furthermore, water keeps your metabolism in high gear and provides you with the necessary energy allowing you to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.