What are the blue-green stains on my plumbing fixtures?

What are the blue-green stains on my plumbing fixtures?

acid_sinks_largeTo be fair, blue and green are both lovely colors. But are you finding unsightly stains of blue and green on your plumbing fixtures at home? It may be a sign of high copper in your water.

That isn’t so lovely.

High levels of copper in water are usually found when copper or brass plumbing has begun to corrode. The blue-green stain is actually copper residue. When acid water passes through pipes, it dissolves the copper in the pipe potentially causing pinhole leaks in your plumbing.

If you’re unsure whether copper has infiltrated your water, here are a few signs:

  • Metallic tasting water
  • Blue-green stains on your fixtures
  • Color variations in your hair tones – especially blondes
  • Corrosion of aluminum surface

Luckily, your Culligan Man offers solutions. Maybe a Reverse Osmosis System? Or a Culligan Neutralizing Filter. Give your Culligan dealer a shout to discover a solution that’ll work for you.