Boiled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Filtration: What's More Effective?

To help you select the best water filters for your home, here's a look at how traditional methods compare against Reverse Osmosis and other advanced filters.

Basics of Boiled Water vs Reverse Osmosis

Let’s explore boiled water vs reverse osmosis filtered water. The pros and cons.
Boiling water is a traditional method of water treatment. And it’s still common in much of the developing world. In your town, a boil-water order could be issued if a water main breaks. Or if there is a threat of waterborne disease.
But water technology has come a long way since boiling. And reverse osmosis can remove more contaminants faster and easier.

What Does Water Boiling Remove?

Boiling destroys organisms that cannot withstand high temperatures.
And water harbors more than just disease-causing microbes. There are also of chemicals and elements. But the presence of these contaminants varies with location and time.
Boiling water does not remove dissolved solids. And the level of total dissolved solids can increase with boiling. So this can elevate the risk of dangerous contaminants.
Boiled water should be consumed within 24 hours. Otherwise, bacteria could reenter the water after it cools.

Should You Care About Total Dissolved Solids In Your Water?

Yes, you should.
Common TDS include:
  • Nitrates, sulfates and chloramines.
  • Metals such as lead, chromium, iron, and copper.
  • Sodium, calcium, magnesium.
And some of these contaminants are extremely dangerous. Even when consumed in minuscule quantities.
Lead can be leached into the water supply through corroded plumbing. And in drinking water, it can cause physical and mental damage.
Hard water can also cause dry, itchy skin, certain skin allergies or hair loss. And these are just some of the problems caused by TDS.
The EPA determines the acceptable levels of TDS in drinking water. And they provide standards and treatment techniques to protect public health.

Why You Should Choose Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is advanced. And one of the best filters available today. An RO pushes water through a membrane under pressure. So you get cleaner water.
Culligan offers a range of EPA-certified filters to your specific filtration needs.
Watch this video to learn more about Culligan’s RO filters.
Modern day filters come in all shapes and size. Some of the popular TDS-eliminating filters are:
  • Carbon filters
  • De-ionizers
  • UV filters (eliminate bacteria, parasites and even some viruses)
It's crucial to understand your water before picking a solution. Get it tested for contaminants through Culligan.