Acid Corrosion & Acid Stains

Are you frustrated with constantly cleaning the blue-green stains in your sinks and bathtubs?

Problem: Acid Corrosion & Stains

These stains are typically known as acid corrosion or acid stains, caused by a high level of, you guessed it, acid. The acid causes your copper and brass pipes to corrode and deposit minerals, which leave the annoying blue-green stains behind. Acidic water has a pH of less than 7.0, and usually comes from acid mine water or acidic industrial wastes that has seeped into your water supply. Water that has a low pH level is often unsuitable for drinking, but Culligan offers a number of solutions to provide your family with safe, clean water.

Neutralization and treatment of acidic water can provide you with drinkable, delicious water, and eliminate the blue-green acid stains found throughout your home. A Culligan Neutralizing Filter can also offer a number of other benefits for your home and family.

Solution: Acid Neutralization

Benefits of Acid Neutralization

  • Stops corrosive acid from entering and causing pin-hole leaks in your plumbing.
  • Gets rid of the blue-green stains caused by corroded copper found in sinks, bathtubs, toilets, fixtures and pipes.
  • Prevents copper and lead from seeping into your drinking water.
  • Keeps laundry clean and free from bluish residue and stains.
  • Eliminates the damaging physical effects on the body, like tinting light colored hair blue-green.
  • Removes the metallic taste caused by eroded metal plumbing.
  • Protects copper pipes and plumbing.
  • Stops the problem at its source, saving you money on plumbing repairs.

A Culligan Neutralizing Filter can even out the amount of acidic water entering your home, thereby eliminating copper corroding effects. Culligan can help solve your water problem to ensure your family is getting the best water possible. Sign up for a free water analysis today to get healthier water today.