Tap Water Tastes Bad

Does your tap water taste bad?

At Culligan, we understand the importance of clean, fresh water. If your household is suffering from awful tasting and smelling water, drinking that water can be incredibly unpleasant or even physically harmful. We aim to provide you and your family with the cleanest, safest, most delicious drinking water possible.

Problem: Tap Water Tastes Bad

While there are many causes for tap water that tastes bad or smells poorly, most of the time if you have both, it stems from the same problem. Many water supplies suffer from high levels of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron or dissolved solids and each one of these contaminants causes its own unique combination of unpalatable water. If your tap water tastes bad or smells of chlorine, mold, rotten eggs, or gas, Culligan can come up with the right treatment to provide your household with great tasting, purified water.

Solution: Water Filtration & Conditioning

Water Filtration and Conditioning Benefits

  • While municipalities add chlorine to their water supply to disinfect it, chlorine should be removed before consumption. Activated carbon filters eliminate the distinct taste and smell of chlorine.
  • Oxidation destroys oily tastes and gas smells caused by dissolved gases or other volatile matter that seep into your water supply.
  • Carbon filtration gets rid of the rotten egg smell caused by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas, which can enter your water supply through the soil surrounding your well.
  • Sediment filtration reduces the amount of sediment that naturally enters your water supply, eliminating the musty dirt smell, moldy taste and cloudy appearance.
  • Activated carbon filtration reduces the iron content in your water supply and eliminates the bitter metallic taste and rusty color caused by dissolved iron.

Culligan offers many ways to get rid of bad tastes and smells in your home’s water supply. Sign up for a free water analysis today to get better smelling, delicious drinking water.