Bottle-Free Water Cooler

The cool, refreshing taste of bottled water with less time, money and space.

A Culligan® Bottle-Free Cooler provides an endless supply of quality, filtered water for your office.

These coolers attach to your water supply and run the water through advanced filters, removing impurities and contaminants. The filtered water is then stored in an internal storage tank, so you’ll have plenty on hand whenever you need it. Our coolers have a variety of temperature options, giving you cold, warm or hot water with the push of a button.

Culligan® Bottle-Free Coolers are easy to use and maintain – there are no filters for you to change or water bottles to replace. With our bottle-free coolers, you’ll never have to make space for bottles or worry about running out of water again. With no bottles and caps to dispose of, they’re better for the environment as well!

Benefits of a Culligan® Bottle-Free Cooler

  • A continuous supply of quality drinking water
  • No more paperwork or scheduling deliveries
  • Space-saving design that uses a small amount of floor space
  • No more storage cluttered with extra coolers
  • No need to lift a 45-pound water bottle
  • Removal of water impurities and contaminants, which affect the taste, odor and safety of the water
  • Healthier, better tasting water
  • An environmentally-friendly solution
  • Learn more about the benefits of going bottle-free

Culligan has a variety of bottle-free coolers, and will help find the perfect solution for your budget and water treatment needs. Whether you choose a sleek chrome unit to match your appliances or a compact counter-top unit to save space, your local Culligan Man™ has the perfect solution for you.

Contact your local Culligan Man™ and start enjoying great water today.