Benefits of Upgrading Your Water Softener With Smart Technology

With tech advances making their way into the home, it's time to discover the benefits of upgrading your water softener with smart technology.

Culligan Connect Softener Upgrade
Upgrading your water softener with smart technology can benefit your wallet, water and lifestyle. The new Culligan Connect™app for HE softeners assists homeowners in the following ways.

It saves you time.

Managing the water in your home takes time. Flow rates, water usage or salt levels - there's a lot of data involved.
Culligan Connect's home screen incorporates all of these stats in one easy-to-read format. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can spend less time tracking down this information.
And if any issues arise, the app enables you to access product info, manual regeneration and 24/7 support from your Culligan water expert. In short, it takes the time out of service requests.
Plus, the app includes remote dealer diagnostics. So your local Culligan expert can receive notifications about problems with your softener as soon as you do.

It saves you water.

Another benefit of adding the Connect technology to your HE system is the ability to conserve water. With its bypass option, you can soften your water only when needed.
There are several instances in which softened water is unnecessary. Like watering plants, washing cars, filling pools or cleaning other outdoor surfaces.
The Culligan Connect bypass screen allows you to turn off softening with the touch of a button. And with its built in timer, you can set bypass for a certain number of minutes.
Once the time is up, it will automatically transition back to softened water. But if you finish early and don't want to wait, bypass can be cancelled at any time.

It saves you money.

Saving water can save you money. The Culligan Connect app tracks your hourly, daily and weekly water usage.
With this info, you can change your habits to cut back on energy costs and water waste. Examples include:
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your hands with soap
  • Waiting until the dishwasher or washing machine is full before starting a new load
  • Watering plants in the early morning to avoid evaporation

It saves you from worry.

The last benefit of adding smart technology to your water softener is peace of mind.
Culligan Connect's away monitoring alerts you to any unexpected changes in flow when you're out of the house. Which eliminates the risk of returning home to any major water problems.
And its salt monitoring sends you a notification when levels are getting low. So you never have to run out of salt again.
Managing the water in your home doesn't have to be complicated. Whether its tracking your water usage or making sure that your softener is running smoothly, simply download the Culligan Connect app for help.
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