5 ways a water softener can save you more money

Hard water can drain your wallet, time, and happiness. The right water softener can save you more money and a whole lot of headache in the long run.

Hard Water Makes Life Hard

Hard water is composed of dissolved minerals and salts such as calcium and magnesium which form a scaly buildup causing:
  • Dry, itchy skin and dull hair
  • Hard, scratchy, and worn laundry
  • Spotted, stained glassware
  • Crusted faucets and shower heads
  • Reduced water flow
  • Shorter lifespan on appliances
Other than the headaches and itchy skin, hard water won't hurt you, but it will hurt the health of your home.

How a Water Softener Can Save You More Money

A water softener is an easy and cost-effective solution to hard water. It uses ion-exchange to replace the harsh calcium and magnesium salts with harmless sodium. The end result is soft, silky smooth water, perfect for any faucet in your home.

1. Save money on appliances

Hard water reduces the life and efficiency of your plumbing and any household appliance that uses it. With hard water, you'll experience more breakdowns and have to replace expensive appliances more often.
A Culligan water softener can help you save more money on appliance maintenance, efficiency, and hot water bills. Plus, our water softeners are built to last and pay for themselves.

2. Save money on water and cleaners

Hard water makes it harder to create a lather. This means you end up using more soap, and wasting more water. You will need to buy more soaps and detergents and harsh chemical cleaners to get rid of that stubborn hard water stains that appear everywhere in your house, then you'll need to buy more lotions and moisturizers to keep your skin feeling smooth.water softener can save you more money
That's good money down the drain along with all that soap scum.

3. Save money on energy

Hard water increases the load on water heaters and reduces their efficiency. Increased water usage means higher water and energy bills. It's time to change that. Plus, Culligan has the world's most efficient water softener. Proven to save you more money on salt, water and electricity.

4. Save your time

With hard water your water flow runs slower. You'll need to spend more time under the shower head and with your hands under the faucet. Then you'll need to spend more time cleaning the hard water stains on your showers, toilets, sinks and fixtures.

5. Save your effort

If you choose a water softener from someone other than Culligan, you'll be putting extra effort into maintaining your equipment and even more effort lifting 40 lb. salt bags. In addition to providing you with industry-leading, water softening equipment, and expert maintenance, Culligan delivers softener salt right to your softener.

Choose the right softener for your home

The first step to soft water is a water test from your local Culligan water expert.
The hardness of water may vary based on locality, groundwater, and municipal water systems. A private well may have hard water from naturally occurring dissolved salts. Sometimes, metal ions from surrounding industrial and urban activity can add to the hardness of water.
It's also possible that other contaminants like sulfur and iron are causing problems.
Culligan water softeners are designed to suit your unique water needs. We offer models for the most basic hardness problems, as well as highly customizable units that work with the unique water problems in your home.
Call your local Culligan water expert today to schedule a water test. Your local water expert will tell you how a water softener can save you money, and answer all your water questions, including your questions on buying or renting, installation, salt delivery, service calls, emergency repairs, and scheduled maintenance.