Sustainable Water Filtration Solutions for You and the Environment

Culligan Water solutions help you become greener, cleaner and more cost-efficient with your water use. Learn how.

Clean water is essential for life. Find out what's in your water with a free water test from your local Culligan water expert.
Water covers more than 70% of the Earth's surface. But clean water is much more rare — even in America.
From Flint, Michigan to Anaheim, California, water pollution affects communities across the country. Poor quality water has displaced thousands of people. And caused chronic diseases such as cancer.
A growing number of activities have the potential to contaminate drinking water*. These activities include manufacturing processes, land use practices, waste injected underground, sewer overflows and more.
That's why treating and conserving water today is crucial to maintaining access to clean water down the line.
Luckily, there are many ways that consumers can take action to protect themselves and the environment.
No matter how you use this fundamental resource, Culligan water has water-saving filtration solutions that support a cleaner, sustainable supply.

Culligan water Solutions

More consumers are now paying attention to their personal carbon footprints. With Culligan water solutions, you can:
  • Use less water in your everyday life
  • Increase your home's energy efficiency
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Prolong the lifespan of water-using appliances
  • Conserve cleaning products like soap and laundry detergent
Our wide range of filtration solutions address private, municipal and commercial water treatment needs.
Let's get into it.

Water Softeners

Water "softness" is determined primarily by the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. Hard water contains a high amount, while soft water contains less.
Below are some of the issues hard water can cause:
  • Scale buildup in pipes, water heaters and appliances
  • A sticky residue on dishes and household surfaces
  • Laundry that still feels dirty after washing
  • Dull hair and dry skin
Water softeners work by eliminating these problematic minerals. This helps conserve water and other resources, like soap and energy, by enabling consumers to do more with less.
By softening your water, you can:
  • Use less water and soap when bathing, laundering and cleaning. Since soft water increases soap lather
  • Decrease scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, increasing their lifespan
  • Lower energy consumption by improving water flow in your pipes and reducing buildup in water heaters
Plus, your Culligan water expert will remove and recycle the used salt bags to help keep our planet clean

Featured Product: Aquasential™ Smart High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener

Aquasential™ Smart High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener
Say hello to the world's most efficient water softener.** The Aquasential™ Smart HE Water Softener can optimize salt, water and electricity usage to decrease operating costs up to 46%***. By removing hard water contaminants, the smart system can benefit you, your home and the environment. Water-using appliances last longer. Dishes become cleaner. And your clothes, hair and skin become softer than ever before.

Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Like water softeners, salt-free water conditioners can help you use less water and energy in your everyday life.
Salt-free water conditioners do not use sodium to remove problematic minerals. Instead, they chemically transform the minerals to mitigate their negative effects. Which makes them a great option for people who live in brine-restricted areas.
Salt-free conditioners reduce hard water scale from plumbing and appliances while using zero salt or electricity. And without producing wastewater.
As with all whole home water treatment systems, when combined with a carbon filter, these conditioners additionally remove the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine.
If you are experiencing the negative effects of scale formation, a Culligan salt-free water conditioner may be an effective solution. However, if you want cleaner dishes, brighter laundry, softer hair and skin, reduced soap usage and a longer lifespan for your appliances, a water softener would be a better choice.

Bottleless Water Coolers

Looking to minimize single-use plastic in your home or office? Look no further than a Culligan bottleless water cooler.
Here are some quick facts about plastic bottles from the World Health Organization:
  • Eighty percent of plastic bottles never get recycled.
  • Thirty-eight million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone.
  • Plastic bottles take an average of 700 years to decompose.
But worry not. Bottleless water coolers are a tasty and convenient alternative to bottled water.
They attach to your existing water supply and reduce impurities and contaminants. This process cuts out plastic, saves energy and keeps precious resources in the ground. While keeping toxic byproducts out of the atmosphere.
Because there aren't any water bottles to store or replace, they are also incredibly easy to use and maintain.
Culligan offers a variety of temperature options, giving you cold, warm or hot water with just the push of a button.

Featured Product: Ascent™ 80 Bottleless Water Cooler

Ascent™ 80 Bottleless Water Cooler
Enjoy great-tasting, high-quality water with the Ascent™ 80 Bottleless Water Cooler. This touchless, eco-friendly solution features multi-stage filtration to reduce contaminants. Plus, each unit saves over 10,000 single-serve bottles from landfills each year.

The Culligan Connect™ App

The Culligan Connect™ App puts personalized insights about your Culligan water systems in the palm of your hand. So you can optimize system performance, conserve water and save energy
The app lets you:
  • Track your daily, monthly and yearly water usage
  • Monitor contaminants that are being reduced in your tap water
  • Receive notifications when it's time to change your filters
The Culligan Connect™ App is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Contact your local Culligan water Expert to find out how you can get connected.
Already have the app? Download your pairing guide here.

Which Water Solution is Right for You?

Now that we've gone over the different ways to go greener and cleaner with your water, it's time to determine which option is right for you.
For help determining which eco-friendly water solution is your best fit, contact your local Culligan expert to get your water tested.
Culligan offers free water consultations in person, by phone and online.
Depending on your testing results and sustainability goals, you can explore the different treatment systems available to address your concerns. Culligan water offers customized solutions that fit your lifestyle, goals and budget.
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