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Culligan Donates 4,000 Water Bottles and 1,000 Water Filters to Flint
Culligan is deeply concerned about the citizens dealing with the water crisis in Flint, Mich. The local water experts at Culligan of Flint, along with Culligan Men and Women across the country, are working to support residents amidst the lead emergency.
An Open Letter to Coach about Water Softeners
In football, it's all about TDs, but Coach needs to start thinking about TDS (total dissolved solids). Manny has the solution - Culligan water softeners.
Clever Tricks to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water
While water is critical, kids aren't always a fan. Use these 3 easy tricks to get your kids to drink more water.
How to Remove Stains From Your Jersey
Manny's Momma has become an expert at cleaning football jerseys. Here are her 4 tips for removing grass stains, dirt stains, armpit smells and more. Plus, learn why she uses Culligan water for the best laundry results.
Brace for Impact
In Haiti, it is not uncommon to walk over 3 miles for safe drinking water. We at Culligan® would like to change that.
Hydrating the World Champions, and Why Athletes Need Water
It doesn't matter if you're a casual athlete or, like our world champion friends the Blackhawks, at the top of your game. It's important to hydrate before, after, and during exercise.
It's Time to Go Filter Yourself
Go Filter Yourself shows why offices choose Culligan for their water: because no one filters more than Culligan.
How to Use the Office Water Cooler (According to Cats)
Working hard at the office? You're bound to get thirsty. Head over to the Culligan water cooler and drink up! Whenever you need a drink, go ahead and guzzle right from the spigot. Or lap the water out of the tray. If you're extra thirsty, try
Why Miss Alexia Uses a Water Softener
Miss Alexia's secret beauty weapon? A water softener! A Culligan Water Softener keeps her shower water free of deposits that end up on her hair and skin and her drinking water tasting fresh. All sparkle and no deposits on her dishes makes Miss Alexia a ve
3 Question Quiz for Kids: How Hard Water Works