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Culligan expands Hurricane Matthew relief efforts
Culligan Cares donated an additional 800 5-gallon water bottles to Haiti, in continued humanitarian efforts following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.
Coliform Bacteria: 5 Things You Should Know
Coliform bacteria is a group of 16 species of bacteria used to indicate water quality, and the presence of E. coli.
Culligan Cares September Recap
September recap of Culligan Cares. Our charity's mission is to help individuals, families and communities in need of clean, safe drinking water.
What Does Reverse Osmosis Remove?
Whether you just bought a house or are thinking of starting a family, having a reverse osmosis system installed in your home can bring peace of mind. But what does reverse osmosis remove?*
Culligan Cares August Recap
Culligan Cares is our international commitment to be a responsible steward of water resources, our community, and our environment. #CulliganCares
What is Reverse Osmosis?
Drinking from the tap means you may be ingesting contaminants harmful to your family's health. A reverse osmosis system, also called an RO, can help. But what is reverse osmosis, and how can you get one? Here, we break down our customers' main FAQs about
Radium in Water
Recent water problems in Wisconsin are raising nationwide concerns about radium in water.
The Effects of Nitrates in Drinking Water
Nitrates, while necessary to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers, can also contaminate your home's water. Here are the effects of nitrates in drinking water and how you can best prevent them from leaving your tap.
How to Remove Lead From Your Drinking Water
Concern about lead is on the rise, here's how to guarantee your safety.
The Causes Of Hardness In Water: Magnesium and How to Remove It
Are the stains in your bathtub or spots on your clean glassware driving you mad?