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Are Water Treatment Systems Worth the Investment?
Many homeowners turn to water treatment systems to improve their water's quality and taste. Should you get your water treated, too?
What Are Your Water Resolutions?
The new year is a great opportunity to improve your home. And setting water resolutions is a perfect place to start!
Prepare Your Home's Water for the Holiday Season
The holidays may look different this year, but it's still important to prepare your home's water for the season and beyond.
What Are The Benefits of A Bottleless Water Cooler?
Whether you're looking for a drinking water solution for the workplace or at home, Culligan bottle-free water coolers offer many benefits.
How To Improve Drinking Water in the Home and at School
Whether they're in the classroom or at the kitchen table, it's important for children to have quality drinking water at home and at school.
What is Salt-Free Water Conditioning?
Salt-free water conditioning can be a great alternative to traditional water softening. Because it also offers a long list of benefits for your home.
Water Problems and Culligan Solutions
Everyone has water problems. Whether its scale buildup, staining or bad-tasting drinking water. And as an industry leader in water filtration and treatment, Culligan has the solutions to solve them.
The History of Culligan Water
The history of Culligan Water is the story of one man's mission to make softer water accessible for everyone.
Arsenic in Drinking Water: Problems and Solutions
Arsenic in drinking water can be dangerous to your health, but there are several ways that can protect your home's water from this common water contaminant.
How to Keep Your Home's Water Merry and Bright All Year Long
Whether preparing your home's water for the holidays or year ahead, there are several things you can do to make sure it is cleaner and softer all year long.