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Is Fluoride in Drinking Water a Good or Bad Thing?
A mineral with health benefits as well as risks, let's take a closer look at fluoride and its prevalence in drinking water supplies.
Is Your Drinking Water Back-to-School Ready?
The back to school season is quickly approaching. While you're stocking up on notebooks and pencils, don't forget the quality drinking water.
Is There Pharmaceutical Runoff in Drinking Water?
It's a commonly asked question. With a bit of a complex answer. Is there really pharmaceutical runoff in drinking water? The answer is, most likely, yes. However traces are usually very minimal.
How Can You Get Filtered Water at the Touch of a Button?
The Culligan ClearLink PRO™ filters your drinking water at the touch of a button. Using a first-to-market wireless control system, unfiltered water switches to filtered water in just seconds. Utilize this technology and stop wasting the drinking wat
How to Battle Bacteria in Your Water with UV Disinfection
There are many benefits to treating your water with ultraviolet disinfection. For example, avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine. And reducing your carbon footprint. UV Disinfection is a safe, low maintenance way to kill bacteria in your treat
Reverse Osmosis Filtration - How Does It Really Work?
The first step to better drinking water is learning how reverse osmosis works.
How Much Does Everything Drink?
When looking at the overall water consumption of your home, how much does everything drink? Believe it or not, everything drinks. Including appliances, machines and even different parts of our body.
Benefits of Upgrading Your Water Softener With Smart Technology
With tech advances making their way into the home, it's time to discover the benefits of upgrading your water softener with smart technology.
How to Prepare Your Household Water for the Holidays
Whether you're staying home or traveling, there are a few things you can do to prepare your water softener and water for the holidays.
Do We Need Electrolytes in Our Water?
Electrolytes are crucial for maintaining a healthy body, but the science behind adding them to water is worth being explored further.