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What is Salt-Free Water Conditioning?
Salt-free water conditioning can be a great alternative to traditional water softening. Because it also offers a long list of benefits for your home.
Water Problems and Culligan Solutions
Everyone has water problems. Whether its scale buildup, staining or bad-tasting drinking water. And as an industry leader in water filtration and treatment, Culligan has the solutions to solve them.
The History of Culligan Water
The history of Culligan Water is the story of one man's mission to make softer water accessible for everyone.
Arsenic in Drinking Water: Problems and Solutions
Arsenic in drinking water can be dangerous to your health, but there are several ways that can protect your home's water from this common water contaminant.
How to Keep Your Home's Water Merry and Bright All Year Long
Whether preparing your home's water for the holidays or year ahead, there are several things you can do to make sure it is cleaner and softer all year long.
Are There Carcinogenic Contaminants in Your Tap Water?
According to a recent study, carcinogenic contaminants may be present in your tap water. But rest assured, there are ways to filter your water, keeping your family both safe and hydrated.
What Are the Benefits of Bottled Water?
There are many benefits of bottled water. And with such a wide variety of flavors and sizes, it's a great option to keep you and your family hydrated.
The Culligan Water Guide to Hospital Water Treatment
Patient care depends on high-quality water. Culligan Water supplies hospital water treatment solutions for sterilization, dialysis, laundry and more.
How Does Water Quality Affect Farms?
Water is an essential nutrient for crops, animals, plants and wildlife. Because it plays such an instrumental role on farms, water quality really matters.
Do Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Impact Drinking Water?
VOCs are a mixture of elements which turn into gases. They come from burning gasoline, coal, wood or natural gas. And could be in your groundwater.